Sep 27, 2010

Is facebook doing the right thing?

No, In the mind of Facebook, locking in users by holding their data captive is equally legitimate to actually making them want to stay, and it means more power for them. The problem is very simple. They own every piece of information about you that either you or your friends knowingly or unknowingly submit to them. They control who can see every bit of it, and they control how you can access it. You can bet when you delete something, it isn’t actually gone, that when you set something to private, there’s nothing to keep it that way, that when you want to see anything on Facebook, you’ll have to do it the way Facebook wants.
Buzz on the other hand allows you to keep your data as well as generating a discussion with  your friends about the topic. You can post data and share it just with your friends as well as mute some parts of a friends feed.  To me that seems the right mix between privacy and the enjoyment of other's people's pictures. Time will tell if Diaspora will be able to do a better job.

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