Jan 17, 2012

Is Google+ growing?

I just learned of two ways of telling how many people are using Google+ 1. Total number of Google+ Profiles :site:plus.google.com -inurl:about 2. Total number of Posts :site:plus.google.com -inurl:posts If you haven't used the :site: command in Google you need to give it a try. Select the text and highlight, Right Click, and select “Search Google for” on these links Right now I get 186 million profiles, but probably only half of that are daily users. Yesterday I blogged about that facebook had 10 times more users, but according to Khalil only 9 times more unique users.

Jan 11, 2012

Google unveils Search Plus

I have been watching the adoption of google plus grow like wild fire. Today, I have 111 followers. I think the main reason people are leaving facebook for google plus is how facebook treats your data. Google has a contact export feature where as Facebook doesn't.
The circle way of controlling your news stream seems a lot better as well. But today Google unveiled the killer idea that is going to push facebook into the dust and convert a lot of "on the fence" crowd to post to both places or only to Google Plus. It is called "Search Plus" It basically allows for content from your friends to be included in your Google search. So if you want to be noticed either as a singer or actor you better finish filling out your Google Plus Profile. Every one knows getting hits via search engine optimization techniques is a lot cheaper than paying for every hit. It still will be an interesting fight. Facebook has 10 times more users than Google Plus, but the growth rate on Google Plus is climbing and it is now starting to see the network effects. If you don't beleive me read this.