Nov 7, 2011

Facebook vs Google Plus

Social media is nice because it allows you to expand your horizons. You can use it to keep you updated on people and happenings. Facebook relationship status indicator probably has the most page reloads of all. I just don't like it when Facebook starts spamming all your contacts in the hopes to generate more ad revenue. Sure Leonard Chapman is a friend, but do I want all of his friends and my friends to know we are friends? I thought Facebook had given up this evil practice, but I guess not. Google doesn't seem to be that evil. When you log in to for the first time it recommends to you 10 people. It then gives you a list of celebrities / technology people and gives you the option of following them. If you do follow someone, all yours and their friends aren't emailed like Facebook likes to do. That is why I have been asking my friends to post on google+ instead of It does seem to be working as of today -- I have 84 friends on Google+ and 89 friends on Facebook. And who knows if you join today you might be the guy who makes me very happy. Having more google+ friends then facebook friends. And who knows I might even reward you with gifts. Have a great day, I know I will. Thanks for following me on g+