Feb 17, 2012

How to sell your Website -- G+ Badge

Last week I have been adding G+ Badges to web pages and then logging into Google Analytic to see the difference. Organic search results doubled. WOW! When you realize that it takes over 2000 ad displays in Facebook to get 1 click doubling your page views, just by adding a G+ Badges is a marketers dream. You might not even have to buy Ad words any more. A lot of the visit might just be from new people logging into Google+ and seeing what their friends are plusing. Or it might be the amazing growth of Google Plus, *Over 1.5 million per day*. One problem I see with Google Plus is people aren't forced to ad their friends like they are "used to" on Facebook. I encourage every one to at least add their Real Life friends to their Friends Circle. As in the example below.