Apr 30, 2008

Vista versus Ubuntu

Why am I a great IT guy? It is because I am lazy. How might laziness be a good thing?, you ask.I choose to do things well so I don't have to redo them again. In Linux people can use other people's hard work without worrying about getting sued. In Vista, Microsoft will sue or a least threaten to sue so you don't know if the work you do will be available to you in a few years. If Bill wants to help out the poor he should be releasing more code under the GNU License instead of creating the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Does it make any sense to trick poor people into vendor lockin only to help them out via cash hand outs? Ubuntu the Operating System that keeps on giving.

Apr 24, 2008

Ubuntu 8.04 in now available. Hardy Heron

Anytime someone donates time or money to a cause they feel like they belong. I added some sweat to this latest Operating System so I feel I can promote it. Even Bill Gates is starting to fight Linux so we must be getting close to wide spread acceptance of Open Source Software. :) You might have to learn more about psychology in order to understand how truth is accepted. I am very happy with this OS and when you compare it to Vista or Leopard you will be thankful that I installed it on your computer systems or got it pre-installed from Dell. I have been doing installs and teaching on Ubuntu and if your in the market for a new computer and what to understand how to use it. I can sell you a Linux computer and a support package. You will be glad you did. Want a taste click here.

Apr 1, 2008

Dell Laptop 1525n

Well I finally received my Dell laptop pre-installed with Ubuntu. It is a nice machine. So nice that a friend bought it from me. I guess I have to order another one. I could help change the world to Linux one laptop at a time. Let me know if I should order you the most secure laptop in the world.