Dec 12, 2021

Instant transfer of Bitcoin makes onboarding easy.

 Every time I onboard a newbie into Bitcoin I wonder how their journey will be.  Will they crash and burn (sell) or be like me and try to buy the dips.  Here was my path.

I first bought #Bitcoin in blind speculation.  Then I believed in it as an investment. Then I believed in it as money. Then it became my primary money. Then I decided to build a business around it. Today I am convinced #Bitcoin is legit --  humanity’s best hope for peace & prosperity. This is because the world is in tough shape right now:  -Unworkable, socialistic economic policies; the march of tyranny; authoritarianism & state violence; inflation & a broken supply chain and job market kaos. 

I onboarded this new newbie onto the Phoenix Wallet because it allows her to have self custody and do Lightning Bitcoin transactions. It was a little hard explaining the 3000 lost sats from what I sent her and the couple of lost sats when she sends it onward. I think having me there to explain the "Restore my wallet", feature by Acinq via entering the 12-words helped. She asked me about word order so I think she was catching on to how important the seed words are. She liked the instant transfer of wealth.  Having a little Bitcoin nest egg helps everyone secure their future.