Mar 8, 2007

First Vista switch to Linux

As you can read by the title, I converted my first Vista computer over to Linux. I had to do the resizing of the hard drive via Micro$ofts control panel because Vista has built in Digital Rights Management. This DRM is going to be the downfall of Micro$oft. Apple already can see this. I am surprised you still cann't buy Linux pre installed at any of the box stores here. It is amazing how much Microsoft can manipulate the market.

The main reason why Linux only has the same number as Mac users.
What Linux needs is more users willing to get off their rears and not only introduce new users to it but also act as their support for a while. Too many Linux users are either outright lazy or apathetic about other users.
Honestly, it won't change until the typical Linux user quits being self centered and start helping others. and Yes they outnumber those of us that want to help 10 to 1. It wont matter if Dell or HP ships with Ubuntu or some other newbie friendly Linux install, when these people go online or to a LUG to find help they will run up against the "cloud of smug" and get turned off instantly.

I teach a Linux for new users at the local community cafe for free once a week. A lot of "businesses" still call Linux a fad and say that no real companies use it. They are partly right, but I bet by the end of the year HP will sell Desktop Linux systems.

What is needed is not some company selling Linux boxes, but Linux users to get off their rears and help 1-2 new people through getting up and running in Linux. You never EVER can say RTFM! but have to hold their hands. You also need to be out there debunking the lies that kids that work for Future Shop and other "leaders" are spewing out of their mouths, but have to do it in a way that is tactful as you are just some guy instead of a professor with 31 masters degrees and smells his own farts.