Feb 24, 2010

Facebook -- a "how to" in manipulation.

We stopped at Hood River on our journey home and being from Canada we are experts in all snow related games. So, we converted our friends into watching curling; because it is a lot like football we can argue over the best rock to throw. The weird part about watching the Olympics on TV is the length of commercials. The house sometimes has 8 rocks in play before the commercials end. Wow, that is worst than watching telemarketing. We take turns in muting the channel in order to keep our sanity. Mind you, facebook takes the cake in my opinion. It displays targeted ads that keep getting better and better at manipulating their users. Having a good understanding about psychology helps me avoid getting strangled by the facebook ad machine. Even the way facebook tells all your friends that so and so has became a friend of so and so seems to me a rude way to make money. I find the best way to revolt is to not use their service. Buzz on Gmail does everything facebook can do without the manipulation so, for me it is a no brainier. Join together with me and start using www.twitter.com and www.gmail.com until facebook cleans up their act.