May 19, 2010

Ubuntu and Nerd TV

I started watching The Big Bang Theory TV and low and behold Shelden likes Ubuntu

May 18, 2010

Cossfest 2010

Great People great work at Great time in Calgary, Alberta

May 11, 2010

Using Empathy for Remote Desktop Support

With Ubuntu there are lots of people that what to help YOU succeed, so if a friend is good a doing something why not share your desktop with him and let him help you. All you need is the default install of Ubuntu and a gmail account. (any jabber account will do).

Ubuntu 10.04 Released and Ubuntu 10.10 getting even better.

People helping people is what it is all about not criticising others for being able to manipulate the market via a pre-installed OS. Good thing the EU now allows for browser choice, but I still think companies rule the world more that politics. Example. Greece now works for the IMF.