Jan 1, 2014

Exchanging digital info with others. 2013 a year in review.

My quest for making digital communication easier is finally jumping by leaps and bounds. In 2013 5 times more Chromebooks were sold than Macbooks. I have 2 times the number of friends on Google+ than on Facebook and 5 times the number of viewers. Even video editing and viewing isn't controlled as much by Microsoft and Apple. We have come a long ways since 2012.

Why is Linux on the Desktop important? When companies control file formats information remains hidden. ie. to open a .doc file you need Microsoft Word, if you can't get Microsoft Word then what is in that file remains hidden.  The easier it is to exchange info without having to get a licence from some company the better off we all are.
Why is Google+ better a than Facebook? Google allows you to send email to other domains. It also allows you to liberate your data.
Why is VP8 video so important? It allows us to exchange video without asking Apple for permission. My new Nexus 5 has VP8 encoding built into the Snap Dragon 800 CPU. Nokia (Microsoft) even sued HTC (Google) already and lost.
With all the copyright hurdles overcome I look forward to 2014. Thanks for helping me fulfill my dream. I look forward to exchanging digital info with you in 2014.