Apr 14, 2014

Passover and the four blood red moons.

The first of four consecutive full moons occurs tonight at midnight MST. The earth is coming directly in between the Sun and the Moon so most of North America should be able to watch this lunar eclipse. In fact, the moon will turn red for 1 hour and 18 mins. The earth axis is 23.4 degrees and the moon orbit is 5 degrees more and it hangs over the earth like it is tied on. This causes an Umbra eclipse (see image) to potentially happen twice a year.
The really exciting thing about this eclipse is that it occurs during the passover (Nissan 15). Could this be another judgement against the Jewish people? The last time there were 4 consecutive full moons (tetrad) that occurred on the passover and the Feasts of Trumpets was when Israel recaptured Jerusalem and invoked its inherent right of self-defence, launching a preemptive strike against Egypt in June 5, 1967. The previous tetrad was 1948. The tetrad before that was in 1492 when the Jews got evicted out of Spain. Will this full moon passover be the start of some calamity? "The sun shall be turned into darkness and the moon into blood, before that great and glorious Day of the Lord." Acts 2:20
What do you think? Is it judgment day yet?

Apr 9, 2014

Who is the best ISP for Rural Canada

What is the best Internet Plan for the County of Grande Prairie residents? To me it seems to be Bell or CCI.  Bell offers 6 mbps down and 1 mbit up and a 55 msec ping rate and that is only using the HSPA network and not the LTE network. Not sure when the 40 mbps LTE network will be available further than 20 km out of GP  The setup is only $35 after you have bought your LTE enabled Tablet.

GP Networks have a $400 upfront fee, but most people cost average the wifi radio over 3 years. They are sharing their 11 mbps connections with multiple connections so don't expect great throughput at 8 pm. Paying $80 for only 50 Gigs does seem steep for not being able to connect wherever you are.

 Any time some ISP offers unlimited traffic my ears pop up. CCI Wireless does this. For $89.95 you get a 6 mbps So now you can finally watch HD Youtube. They are using WiMax so you should be able to watch your favourite shows in the evenings.

Nexxcom  has 2 systems deployed one in the licensed high 600Mhz band using docsis protocol and and another running in the 3.65 semi-public band on a more generic modified wifi protocol so your throughput should be great at 8 pm.

Xplornet offers 25mb/s for $89.95 with 200Gigs downloadable and only $2 per gig after that. They use fixed LTE radios