Feb 28, 2013

Rogers Cell Phone Plans

In Canada cell phones plans are a lot worse than in other countries. After putting our cell phone on hold for 3 months and paying $12 / month we are back in Canada ready to get in bed with some company that will connect us wirelessly to the rest of the world. Where we live, only 3 companies offer services. The weird part is if you are contract free you can get a customer retention specialist on the phone at get some screaming deals. Like:
Phone: unlimited Canada local/ld  and unlimited txt/pic/vid
Data: 6 gb
Extras: call display, visual voicemail
for only $55 
Under their current promotional plan this is costing $110 so I guess I have to spend some time speaking to a customer retentions expert. 

This is the Rogers Standard Retention Plan (lowest they will go)
[ 200min | 6pm EE / WE ] - $17.50 6gb of Data - $30
Max Air - 250 Mins| 8 E/W| Call display - $25Unlimited Minutes - $70.00500 minutes – $20.00Unlimited Local Calling - $35.00 Unlimited North American Call | Text - $50.00