Jan 16, 2011

2011 - Technology Update

My technology life is getting to be strange. People are starting to ask me to install jabber, Ubuntu, Open Office onto their computers.  That is what I have been recommending for quite a few years now.  I know there are still people trying to follow Apple, but more and more people are starting to see that Steve Jobs is all about control.  Their latest is not letting VLC player onto iTunes. Microsoft was never so blatant about keeping competition out of their software market.
A lot of this posturing will become mute when Chrome and Firefox 4 come out and people start uploading webm files.  With Google backing this video formate and Microsoft/Apple only controlling 40% of the Browser Market, this to me is a fight that Google has already won.  Gone will be the days when people use files that certain companies control via threats of lawsuits etc. The next hurdle to overcome is Facebook's walled garden approach, it is a lot like Apple's usage rules.  These (TOS) rules are quite draconian in nature, but most of us don't bother complaining or closing our accounts.  Maybe my niece (Kerry Cundal) with her new found fame can make the world a better place in this area. For more info see my next Buzz.  Who says I can't use marketing manipulation also?  All the best to you in 2011!