Dec 26, 2007

Help me get 100 jabber contacts.

I set myself a goal 2 years ago to convert 100 people to Open Source Instant Messaging, commonly referred to as Jabber. I felt since I had converted approximately 100 people to Hotmail, I would atone for my Intellectual error by setting up an equal amount on Jabber. In 2 to 3 years, more people will understand why Jabber is such an important communication format. Joyce became my 97th Jabber contact and I need 3 more to make it out of purgatory (100 JID's). 2008 should be a great year because open communications is knocking proprietary systems like msn and yahoo out of circulation. If you are a friend and want to convert to Jabber, please email me, or if you are already a Jabber user and want to be my friend... please meet me at Tim Horton's, usually at 9:00 a.m.

Dec 16, 2007

My chance to give.

Giving the give of freedom is getting easier and easier. The Open Source community is producing such great software most people gain functionality by using only open source rather than losing it.

Dec 3, 2007

EEE PC first pre-installed Linux Desktop - THANKYOU! Asus!

With Windows Vista turning fewer heads than a ground hog getting up to see his shadow at 30 below, and Apple's Leopard exhibiting spotty security, companies and individuals would do well to ask themselves whether Christmas 2007 'tis the season of desktop Linux. The EEE PC works great. I recommend it to anyone wanting to try out Linux but don't have the time for the install. If $400 is too much for you get a $200 desktop. There is lots of benefits to using Open Source.