Oct 10, 2012

Google Plus is catching on. 11% in Canada

Canada has 11% active users
There are now 2.8 million people in Canada using Google Plus actively (11%) So by Christmas we should be seeing network effects. Already every other person who has joined Facebook is also on Google plus, but they are not active. There are even quite a few people who have deleted their Facebook account but most just sign into both places. I now have 333 followers on Google Plus and only 82 on Facebook.  I haven't deleted my Facebook account because I like to see first hand the tactics Facebook is using to get monies from people. I like their latest one -- putting advertising right into your stream and putting more and more ads up until you only get advertising on your stream.  Mind you, Facebookers can pay $7 / month to get rid of that kind of advertising so I guess according to Mark it is OK. What the users can't pay Facebook to make go away is their user's profile that they can sell to advertisers and that is where the 20 billion valuation comes from. I have been helping people who still want to be on Facebook install a cookie deleter so they can browse Facebook without Facebook knowing everything about them.