Aug 13, 2009

Rogers and Tethering Access

I got my bill from Rogers today. Hopefully I have highlighted tethering enough so your eye is attracted to that area of the bill. I have been tethering my Ubuntu computer to my Roger's Iphone for quite a while now and I hear that they will allow it until December. If you need to learn how to do that just share your desktop with me via Empathy. I tether my laptop via bluetooth. And after pairing the iphone with your computer type "sudo pand --connect 00:26:4A:64:??:?? -n" into terminal, enter your password and type "sudo ifup bnep0" It works great, but as you can see I don't get close to my allotted 6Gigs. VoIP doesn't really work over the cellular network :( Too bad I can't get rid of this Iphone garbage and get a Android, I could I guess, but I still have 2 years remaining on my contract.

Aug 10, 2009

Empathy vs Skype vs Yahoo talk

Empathy is already starting to save me gas.. --No pressure from outsiders any more. To help another Ubuntu person out you just load Empathy, log into your favour jabber enabled account, (I use gmail) and click share desktop as you are talking to your friends via lib-jingle. Remote desktop and computer training are getting easier.

Aug 7, 2009

Rogers, Bell or Telus?

Must be using Ubuntu 9.04 or later

Tried to setup mobile Internet on Roger, -no luck- could not get the radio to be recognized as a non-usb stick via the program ozerocdoff. So M Bailey went to get a stick from Bell and it just worked. I have found that Telus's Stick just works also. Here is the info you need to know.