Feb 6, 2019

Bitcoin and Price

Most people enjoy holding what everyone else wants. That is why Technical Analyst is a thing. Computers have helped people figure out what others are up to better than ever before. So, according to Bitcoin T. A. it is going to be another 2 to 10 months before Bitcoin will be at a higher price.  In fact BTC should drop another $1000 before it hits its low. I am starting to believe TA more and more the older I get, thanks Tone Vay.

The real variable in my mind is when the fiat money system will collapse. That is a lot harder to predict because the central banks have a lot of leavers at their disposal. They could confiscate bank accounts. The could order all gold be sold to the government. They could limit withdrawals or just go on a fiat printing sprint.  If and when the fiat system collapses that is when it is best to have your monies in gold, silver or Bitcoin.

Living in -40 C the last week (-47 C was the lowest) you get to understand the value of being prepared. I heat with wood. Therefore I have a large storage of wood indoors for just the occasion. So,  it is hard to quickly acquire Bitcoin if and when fiat fails.

Right now most people don't understand the difference between Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.  My neighbour thinks Dodge-coin is the best crypto and it is has divisibility, securability, recognizability (not to the Bitcoin extent), portability, durability but not fungibility.  This is what people need to understand in order for the crypto market to take off.

Yesterday when QuadrigaCX had their court case in Canada it proved the importance of having your own keys. Having a ruling about crypto in Canada will help more people understand the laws about how crypto will be treated in Canada.