Aug 25, 2010

No long distance charges, Use:

I wonder how many new gmail users there will be this week? A lot of people want to save money on long distance phoning. Gmail is the only video conference service that allows it's users to use another domain other than gmail. A lot of my friends use the domain. Voice, chat and emailing isn't a issue. Most people now days can't remember back to when email between AOL and Compuserve and other domains was not possible. I do. This is why I take people off Hotmail, yahoo and Skype and put them on open Instant Messaging / Voice and Video systems. Happy Communications.

Aug 20, 2010

Google helps out with Open Communications
Google joined forces with the jabber community and have enabled audio and video inside the browser.  Up till now you had to install Empathy or Pidgin in Ubuntu to get video working. This will go a long way in easing the computer interface. You can just save the google-talkplugin_current_i386.deb file then when you click on the file, it should open the deb file package manager. After the installation just restart your browser.  ENJOY

Aug 19, 2010

Ubuntu 10.04.1 Released

Ubuntu 10.04.1
It saves you about 300 Megs of updating, but it still doesn't have everything you need to talk and share your Ubuntu desktop. For that you need to install
 Now, you can video chat with all your jabber friends, even if they are using Apple or Microsoft software.  The other option is to install the google-talkplugin.deb

Aug 13, 2010

Using a data plan to phone via link2voip helps Canadian keep the sanity.

Have you ever wondered why your cell phone looses all it's minutes each month? It looses all it's data also.  Having a plan that saves unused minutes to next month would be normal.  If I leave gas in my truck at the end of the month it is there when I start the truck next month. The gas company didn't poke a hole into my tank and drain it. First they make you pay for x amount of minutes, they make you guess also, then if you don't use what you thought you would the cell company pockets that.  I guess I am looking forward to alternatives. I did find that installing sipdroid on my Android allows me to phone via my data plan. It works through link2voip