Jun 21, 2010

How to Rip a Cd

Did you know that ripping CD's is now part of Rhythmbox Wow! Life is getting to be too good with Ubuntu default install. So after you stick in your CD and start Rhythmbox you will see a CD like icon (shown in the picture in yellow) under the Devices folder.  After clicking you then decide if you want to rip all the tracks and if all blanks are filled in right. By default Rhythmbox uses Sound-Juicer 160kbits/s and ogg format.  The file is then stored in your Music folder under Artist and then Album.  Previous to Ubuntu 10.04 we had to do ripping in grip.  This is nice, but I find that clicking on Jamendo and then download is the easiest way to get the best music out there.

Jun 15, 2010

Internet media has gotten it's first leaves -- WEBM

At this time of year a lot of us farmers are looking at our land and seeing if the Cotyledon leaves are what we envisioned 3 weeks ago. Beans to me are the most interesting because their seed shell rises above the ground almost like saying
"I am the best, I am the tallest, I get the most sun."
This epigeal phenomena is happing with the Internet. Ogg and other Open Source formats have been under ground developing their cotyledon leaves and now they are ready to say I am better than proprietary formats. Sure it took till 2010, but now Firefox, Opera and Chrome are all supporting webm Sure harvest is still a year or 2 away, but the leaves that will stem from this will be a great harvest. I am already telling all my clients, "Make sure your website is HTML5"

Jun 10, 2010

Open Source Communication -- I like it.

Starting at 10am and were done by 4pm
Notice the rear window is not in the truck and we are talking behind Marcy's back.
Alan: Your truck doesn't have a pane in it . . . No pains in that truck.
Marcy: Its a convertible.
Ed: You don't have to wash the back window
Alan: Open Source communication.

We all can enjoy Open Communication.