Feb 5, 2011

We entered Mexico with our nails a little shorter.

We had stashed an extra 5 suite cases filled with clothes for the Orphanage or a least that is what we thought Foundation For His Ministry‎ had given us to be delivered to San Vincente. After getting pulled over and the Mexican border officers dog had a good sniff I was sure that is what we were given to take across the boarder. Even with the talking and sniffing it only took us 5 minutes to get into Mexico.
Pulling back onto the highway the signs flashed before us and we knew we were headed the wrong way. With our gas gauge light on we thought we better turn back. After a couple of 3 lane traffic circles we found a Pemex gas station. The mid-size 2003 holds almost 500 peso, but we got to put it onto the MasterCard so everything was ok. This country accepts America dollars just as readily as the peso. My bank cards don't work at the Bankomex so it is a good thing Pemex accepts MasterCard
Heading South on Highway 1 we ran into 2 $2.25 toll booths and a $2.50 one, then a lady that wanted a donation for ambulance services which we gave a dollar. 280 km later we unloaded our 5 50lb suite cases and our community service was done. 2 street boys want me to give them a dollar so I took out a 5 dollar Canadian and they didn't like it as much as the 1 America dollar. Only 1 week ago the Canadian dollar was better than the America, but not according to these kids. They got scolded by a older Mexican woman for standing in the way of me being able to close my car door.
We were told to make sure we filled up in Encinada because it's 300 km of no services, but I did notices few trucks with barrels of gas on the back. I imaged it would be more than just $40 for a fill-up. As you can see by the pictures it is quite picturess and you can go pretty much whatever speed your willing to risk on the comers. Whatever the sign said you can usually double it. Most roads say 80km/h but I find 130km/h a reasonable speed, maybe it is because I have been travelling in the US and there most highways are 80 mph. There were 4 guard stops the first day before we spent the night at Desert Inn in Guerrero Negro. The sign said $85 /night, but we negotiated it down to $58 which I put on the MasterCard and it came out to be 700 peso.  Too bad I can't use my Canadian debt cards down here, not even to withdrawn from an ATM.