Sep 6, 2010

A look at voice in the future.

With voice phoning to any number now included in Gmail, one can easily envision the death of ten digit numbers for quick access to other people's voices. A lot of companies want to expend their communication profile to include voice, but which one will win?  Companies like Google, Microsofts 's MSN, Yahoo, and Ebay's Skype, etc, realize they can make money with real-time interaction and more money with Voice and Video communications. The only open phoning protocol is Gmail's use of the XMPP. So that is why Google and others, that federate with Google's Gmail, will win.  The black horse in this race is Facebook who uses the same protocol, but they don't federate with other domains, but if they do than this point is mute. This Jabber technology will become the bases of future voice communications .  WHY?

  1. People change phone numbers and you are not automatically updated. In Gmail the cloud backs up your personal contacts and in Google / Buzz is used to search for new businesses / people.
  2. Phone Numbers belong to Operators/Countries (travel overseas for a month and your phone number belongs to someone else -- your email account is much more personal. i.e. I can log into Gmail via my android, my computer or a friend's Iphone.
  3. With Jabber you can control who can call you. On regular phone you are often the victim of unwanted calls.
  4. Your Instant Message presence indicators can relay info like "do not disturb" or how you are feeling or what you are selling. 

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