Aug 23, 2021

Alberta electricity up 38% year on year

Yes, in Alberta electricity went from 6.4 to 8.75 cents / kWh in 2021. This is my solution to the problem -- buy 38% less electricty
I bought 2 lithium battery packs. Each battery pack contains 16 280 Ahr cells. I put Eve cells in the golf cart and the Bad Boy has Lishen cells. The lishen cost me C$160 (206K sats) / cell and the Eve cost me C$180 (232K sats)/ cell. Two 100 Amp overkill BMS was C$344 (444K sats). Then I went a bought a MPP LVX-6048 direct from Taiwan for $1182 US or $1500 Canadian (2M sats). 4 20 #2 AWG wire was C$210 and MC4 wire with DC disconnects was $260 Total = C$7750 (10 million satoshis)