Sep 9, 2010

Wake up to Cell Phone or Email?

Almost every morning for that last 20 years I have incorporated into my morning routine a glance at the cell phone to see if it is on and working. Now I have replaced the cell phone checking habit with a glance at my gmail's inbox / chat list.  Gmail's Call Phone Option makes email and phoning all in one place and with my eyes getting dimmer I need every advantage I can get. Remember F11 for full screen or hold down control and press + to make the font bigger.  It is also nice to be able to video chat with your brother when he gets up in the early morning, just like me.  Ed, when you make video calls, you can click on the top left corner of the video window and it will  become full-screen, to make it small again click the top left corner again.  If clicking doesn't work press alt F4 or you can setup keyboard shortcuts.  Cnet has a good video on the subject.
Happy Videoing.  Remember Jabber is Open Source so any domain (not just gmail) can do this. Now if I could only get rid of my morning cup of coffee.

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