Oct 15, 2010

Fanbox is learn from Facebook -- Web marketing 101 -- Spam

I got 3 emails this week that looked like this.  All had a name of a close friend in the from area.  Like this one has the name of Gerry Beckett.  But if you hover your mouse over the friend's name you will see that it is not from your friend at all in fact he doesn't even know that he has sent you this email. If you click reply it will not even go to him.  If you want your friend to know that www.fanbox.com has trick him in giving up his friends forward the email to him. I get upset with people when they intentionally do this to people who are just innocently clicking links to see what the computer will do next. This is how facebook got their user base not too long ago. Remember getting his email? Here is hoping you delete your facebook and your fanbox account.  Or better yet never click on the email you got from @yourfanbox.