Oct 30, 2009

Top things to do after installing Ubuntu 9.10

Most of my day today was spent installing Ubuntu on older computers. Microsoft's software had crashed and they needed their computer for checking their email, banking etc. After updating the restricted hardware drivers I fix the most common issue people have with Ubuntu-- "Not being able to play protected formates." To fix this the terminal command is.
sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras
Enter your password and you are ready to use your computer. I like to copy more then one item so I also install parcellite.

Oct 27, 2009

Remote Desktop - Yuuguu vs Empathy

With Yuuguu releasing their 64 bit version of Remote Desktop, I thought I would give them a link to increase their page ranking on Google. So here is where you get the file. I havn't been having any remote desktop support issues with Empathy, but Empathy only runs on Open Source Kernels so Windows 7+/- and Leopard 10.5+/- are out of luck. This probably explains why I have been setting up a new Ubuntu 9.10 system daily. Ok maybe it because it is new and everybody wants to try it out--Not! Most people don't like change. Watch this movie if you don't believe me. Yuuguu works well if you you have to remote into a Windows 7+/- machine but I prefer Empathy. Empathy allows for talking as your helping the other person out. It even supports file transfer.

Oct 7, 2009

Gmail vs Hotmail vs Skype - Instant Communication

As more and more people avoid answering unknown callers, people will use online presence indicators more and more. The most common ones are Gmail, Hotmail and Skype. Which one is the best / worse.
Worse -- Hotmail -why?
1. In email, it spams all your contacts. Everytime you send out an email along with it another Microsoft ad is attached. I remember once having a virus that did that. SAD. Microsoft is saying in effect "Spamming your friends is the price you have to pay to have this 'FREE' email account." People who don't care about their friends getting spammed should use this. Skype and Gmail don't do this.
2. You have to use Microsoft controlled domains in order to exchange chats / talk / video. They do, however, allow emails to be exchanged. Skype is guilty of this also.
3. You have to use Microsoft software to exchange info. There is no video client for Linux and the Mac client has issues.
Best-- Gmail -Why?
1. It allows for Google wave.
2. Spam control, no more worries.
3. Email IM all in one place.
4. Remote syncing - no more having to bring your device into the shop to get reprogrammed (synced with Outlook).
5. Jabber (XMPP) can be used on any domain.
6. You can host your own Jabber server.
7. Too many more to mention.