Dec 3, 2006

The Aliens final stand.

After multiple tries, the information exchange finally worked. The 120 foot tower ontop of the igloo made the exchange possible. Posted by Picasa

They came in different colours

While the sun casts different shadows, most were black. The contrast in colour was made up via the LED lights. Posted by Picasa

More Alien stories

Mouths were gone. No talking was allowed. The information exchange traveled via LED lights. Posted by Picasa

Mark welcomes all challengers

After the Aliens arrived... the intestines had to be reinjested into the stomach. Everyone had their own story to tell, but it is my blog. Posted by Picasa

Warming up in the North

Trying of Picasa for Linux Posted by Picasa

Nov 8, 2006

G Space and Google vs Micro$oft

Linux is for Christians
I tried out Gspace for the first time today. It is a firefox extension that allows me to keep important files in gmail. I like it. I had a friend come over and log into their msn/hotmail account and I was impress that Micr$oft had stolen Google's idea and started using AJAX. I thought to myself maybe Micro$oft is going to catch up to Google, since their email service is now as good as Yahoo's email service. Yahoo and Msn should have something similer to GSpace in a year or two if they don't go bankrupt. Yahoo was only 6 months behind and MSN was over a year behind Google in using AJAX. You got to love how Google / Linux is pushing Micro$oft into obliven.

Jul 19, 2006


Well this moring I tried out the fon network. It seems to work even on dialup. Basically it allows others to access your Internet for free. It reminds me of when I ran that free BBS in Fort St. John. Mind you this costs a lot less. So if you are ever out this way and need to surf or phone please use my free hotspot.