May 23, 2018

Bitcoin allows people to own something.

Bitcoin ownership and transfer can't be stopped.  
People who ask me about Bitcoin usually ask me about its price. I don't know whether to tell them the US price or the CAN price, so I tell them both prices. I do this to help my friends understand that price is really irrelevant. The important part of Bitcoin is that it is censorship resistant. I am sure if we lived in Venezuela my friends would ask me "How's the Tor battle going?".
A lot of my friends don't even remember those days of Napster. They now mostly use Netflix or YouTube. They rarely use Transmission to exchange videos with their friends. In fact, if I ask most of my friends today "what is Tor?" they wouldn't know. I would say tor forced the content providers to charge a monthly fee for access to content. Now days, if you want to watch a new movie most people wait until the paywall provider gives them access. Very few of us keep searching Isohunt or Napster to see when we can use the Tor network to get the info.

Why is this important? Censorship resistant software like Tor has been around for a long time. Will it go away just because some government introduces "the digital millennial copyright act"?  NO! Bitcoin runs on Tor. If Tor fails Bitcoin fails!

Whether you own something or whether you download that something from a friend, it is the same. Bitcoin is revolutionary because you can exchange unique ones and zeros; so that the ownership changes with the download. Governments can't stop the ownership transfer.  Therefore, the pride of ownership can't be stopped. Bitcoin ownership and transfer can't be stopped.