Sep 30, 2009

What 25 years can do. Live and Learn

In 1985 I was at NAIT taking Electronics Engineering. The Internet hadn't been invented yet and we were busy sharing our excitement of unseen forces - electrons. The thought of hiding the results of the gold leaf experiment was a foreign to us as stealing the gold. We just assumed everyone had our best interest at heart and for the most part they did. Fast forward 25 years and we are celebrating the 25th anniversary of software freedom. Thanks in a large part to Richard Stalman and Linus. Now days it seems it is ok to steal the gold as long as you don't get caught. Music and DVD's are dangled in front of us trying to get us to buy and then if they get our attention they throw in Digital Rights Management. It is like taking your shirt off to enjoy the Sun and the Sun then charges you. Ubuntu doesn't get caught in with this deceitful practice. The developers release the best code for all to enjoy and that is why I try to help them out whenever I can. Sure I could be installing Vista +1 on everyone's computer, but as soon as people try to use it they will run into DRM. Life is about learning to live peacefully with others. Every time someone sues me I have a harder time giving that person my blessing. Microsoft is now trying to protect their Market Share by giving away their anti-virus code. The freedom here is to use the code for free, but not to modify it. Mind you Microsoft's suing potential is not as strong as it once was, now that nobody needs their software and people who run Ubuntu only save regularly 50% on their information exchange costs. I am hoping that I can be instrumental in helping people exchange info. Too bad it is so hard to tell who is trying to help you and who is trying to hose you.

Sep 29, 2009

Rogers 3G comes to Grande Prairie County

Coming back from the Alberta Community Futures Symposium I was delighted to see 3g coverage just pasted the Little Smoky River. Now I am typing this from the farm which has been spiting back over 1 mb/sec via speedtest's website. This is good news for all of the county residence. Looking back at when I was trying to get wireless into the county and the hassles we had 3g seems like a great service. I had my 3g phone for over 1 year before I made real use of it's 3g capabilities.

Sep 9, 2009

First, they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win

Well, it looks like Microsoft has come out fighting with Windows 7. Will 2010 be the downfall of Microsoft. When Microsoft forces you to choose sides a lot of customers with fight back. Thanks for the competition Microsoft you gave your shareholders a good ride. 2009 you have lost 40 billion dollars from your war chest after having laid off 5000 people. If you only lose 40 billion in 2010 Ubuntu will have done its job. People will be better off because off Open Source software. We all know the viruses pre-installed in your software.