Apr 26, 2012

Ubuntu 12.04 versus Window 7

Yesterday I got to take a look at Windows 7 and Ubuntu 12.04
Here is my review.

  1. Installation 
    •  2 hours on Windows 7 - the CPU and Hard drive serial numbers have to sync
    •  1 hours on Ubuntu - no entering in numbers from Microsoft
  2. Setup
    • Windows 7 would not let me install Chrome I keep getting "This file is not valid".
    • Ubuntu 12.04 I had to do 3 extra setups
      1. sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras
      2. Install the Google Talk plugin 
      3. Install the Chrome browser and other games from the Ubuntu Software Center
  3. Ease of Use
    • Windows 7 now has the ability to know if a program is already running so it doesn't start the program again. Same in Ubuntu
    • Windows 7 comes with 2 Virus Protection software programs that conflict with each other.
    • Ubuntu doesn't need Virus Protection
    • Windows 7 comes with Digital Right Management (you have to pay)
    • Ubuntu displays website better now that most are HTML5 compliant.
    • The customization in Ubuntu is twice as good as Windows 7
Microsoft has done a good job at keep people in the dark about Ubuntu.  1 year ago was the first time you could buy an Android tablet in Canada and you still can't buy a non Windows 7 computer in Canada. I hope my blogging about this helps you.

Apr 18, 2012

Telus texting versus Jabber

Sending pictures via texting doesn't work on the Telus network. Telus allows you to send a text to an email address, but it doesn't allow you to received a picture text.  We narrowed it down to it being a problem with their servers. Is Telus's walled garden approach giving them more revenue? I always recommend that people use the gtalk instant messaging program on their androids instead of texting someone's number.  There are two main reasons for this:

  1. When your out of country you can still instant message without incurring cell phone bills.
  2. Once you know someone's jabber address you can always video conference. 
Jabber is an Open Standard just like POP3 is and it has taken Telus about 10 years to join.  I am thinking it will take Telus another 5 years to join the Jabber Federation. Open standards are the key to communication.  

Apr 7, 2012

Facebook vs Google+

A lot of people are asking me why switch from Facebook to Google. Let me give you 3 reasons:
1. New members of Facebook can quickly and easily find their Gmail contacts, but it doesn’t work the other way because Facebook owns your data. -That is not right. Vote with your Login / time spent on Google+.
2. You can find new friends easier.  A lot of your old friends are now on Google+ also and by December we will be hitting network effect.
3. When you search Google more relevant (to you) data is returned.