Feb 25, 2008

Linux Laptops Now Available In Canada, Almost

Well I woke up this morning to find that Dell is selling Linux in Canada. I have been waiting 3 years for this.
Inspiron 1525 for $649 (Core Duo with Intel X3100)
XPS M1330 for $949 (Core 2 Duo with Intel X3100)
Inspiron 530 for $579
I got all the way to Dell Checkout when it gave me the following error.
Error: We are experiencing My Account log in issues. The e-mail address and password may not be registered to the Dell Canada Website.
Too bad there server doesn't allow for Firefox Linux users.
We are almost there Dell. We just need to change your server from Microsoft-IIS/6.0 to Linux.
How many years do we have to wait?

Feb 20, 2008

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