Sep 24, 2017

Why I am running for County Council

Arthur and Judy Amendt
I had been contemplating running for Council for sometime, so with the resignation of Brock Smith now is quite appropriate.
~~~My History~~~
After college I did some work in construction but realized my passion was in the computer technology field.  Fixing / playing with the latest and greatest equipment consumed a lot of my time.  In the early 90's I purchased my first rental property and have been doing property management since then. In 1993, when my mother died and my father was seriously injured in a car accident, I was left to manage the farm West of Hythe. Juggling between Amendt Computers, property management and farming has been rewarding and life teaching. All of these skills I feel are easily transferable to the work of a Councillor.
~~~My Passion~~~
I enjoy studying the latest happenings in the financial and technical world. Being an Open Source advocate has enriched my understanding of the crypto-currency space and being on the Community Futures of Grande Prairie Board has increased my understanding of the entrepreneurial / business world.

If elected my focus as a Councillor would be:
To maintain and keep your taxes low
To keep your roads maintained - every rate payer deserves year round, easy access in and out of their primary residence. 
To listen to your concerns

I would like to serve the County of Grande Prairie residents - wanting to enhance all our lives.
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