Sep 7, 2010

Where has all my Hard Drive Gone? Baobab to the rescue.

This Eee PC comes with only 4 Gigs of hard drive.  I let Jesse use it so he could jabber with family ad friends when he was in Turkey. Back at PRBI now and a desktop suites him fine.  It left with over 1.5 gigs of hard drive free and came back with 0.1 Gigs -- not even enough for an update.  What to do? Gtalk for help. Lets see who is online.  My other nephew Craig pointed me in the right direction -- Baobab. Baobab is a disk use analyzer. It quickly showed me that my home folder had 1 gig of data and that most of it was under .mozilla and .thumbnails.  I guess this laptop was used to view over 18,000 photos in Turkey.  Each image viewed in F-spot had a thumbnail of it stored in .thumbnails/normal, in fact over 1/2 a Gig in that folder.  WOW Each image was only 128 x 96 but every 4K file adds up.  I just moved them all to trash and emptied trash.  Thanks for Craig for helping me out with computers! Ubuntu is people helping people.
This is what BAOBAB looks like.

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