Dec 14, 2009

Skype vs Jingle (Jabber)

Every time a big company like Google backs a standard it becomes the standard just because Google backs it. Google has now bought Gizmo and with this comes Google's entrance into the SIP/Jingle protocol.
Their are quite a few advantages of using Jingle over Skype.
Here is just a few:
1. Off-line message - If the contact you are trying to reach is off-line just send them an email. In Skype you can't send emails.
2. You can use your domain name as a address. In Skype you have to use Skype's domain
3. It is part Multi-protocol client list. In Skype only the Skype protocol is allowed.
4. The software is Open Source-- it can be checked by someone not working for Skype to make sure there is no spy-ware in it.
5. It supports fast file exchanges, I think Skype doesn't have enough money for good proxy servers.
6. Remote Desktop is just a click away in Empathy. Skype needs third party software like yuuguu.

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