Dec 7, 2009

Facebook vs Twitter vs Jabber

Today I was online with Empathy and chatting with people from 5 of the 7 continents (5 different countries) I have yet to achieve that with skype even though I have been a skype user for over 10 years and only a voip jabber user for 1 month. This happens so quickly because a lot of my gmail users have already been invited to chat (see my online presence). A lot of teenagers have moved away from msn to use facebook to chat with their friends. Some are even using Twitter. Both facebook and twitter and jabber use XMPP as their server protocols, but that is where their similarity ends. Jabber can be used on any domain, but Twitter and facebook use walled gardens locking people in ie. I can send messages within their domain, but not to other domains. A twitter person can't message a facebook person and vise versa. Reminds me when an CompuServe user couldn't email a Prodigy user. Where are these companies today? I update my Jabber status 3 times as often as my Twitter status. Facebook is using too much deceit by saying only "friends" can view your updates" The reality is far different. I use it as a police line up to tell me the quality of my future renters. It is getting to be better than equifax. As time goes on more and more will be using twitter rather than facebook, because it represents the headlines of a person's life, with a short link, Blogs can be used to fill in the details.

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