Dec 19, 2009

$180,000.00 vs Free -- Not a hard decision.

McDonalds plans to stop charging for its Wi-Fi in mid-January in the US. you aren't even required to make a purchase — 'free is free,' With around 20,000 free hotspots between McDonald's and Starbucks (who went free[ish] earlier this year), anyone still charging for Wi-Fi is going to look foolish, if not downright greedy. Compare this to Rogers (see chart) $3/MegaByte -- plus plus plus. I think when I am in the US I will just use wifi. So instead of paying Rogers and Microsoft to get information. I will use McDonalds and FON wifi and use Open Source software. I guess I need to donate more to FON and Wikipedia and Ubuntu. Better than paying Rogers $180,000 for my 60 gigs of data I normally get in a month. How can the same data be charged at so different a rate?

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