Jan 12, 2009

How to make money in 2009

Making money is done one of two ways. Either you sell someone your product/service or you force them to buy your product/service. Forcing is usually done via hidden manipulative techniques or via armies (big corporations). One forcing technique is to control the market via digital formats. If you want to view my movie you have to allow for DVD encrypts. The best hardware example I can think of is, all parts for your car have to be certified by the car’s manufacturer thereby making sure the manufacture makes money by building end of life cycles in to products only they can sell. Most humans don’t intentionally force someone into buying a product unless they are used to living above the law. In the world now there are over 180 country laws and most of the legal systems of those countries just enforce laws onto their own citizens and not onto other countries citizens. If one country is being bad to another country the United Nations or Arab nations is suppose to solve the issue. See war in Palestine. If they can’t solve it then we are back to the time of the Judges where “every man does what is right in his own eyes.” . If you see an ineffectual legal system or 180 bosses then manipulative techniques are used more. (drunk drivers not getting punished) then an entrepreneur will try to make money via that discrepancy in the law. With the US copy-write laws being ignored more and more by China and other countries you can make more money via deals with China than dealing with the US

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