Jan 21, 2009

Linux Users surpass Windows Users

Ok, Ok this might be a little premature, but with Obama as president and the good will people have towards each other right now, who knows. I know on this blog there are more Linux users than Windows users. Even in Canada of the 92 visits 45 had Linux already preloaded onto their computers. WoW To me this is quite amazing because I never installed Linux on 45 machines in December and installing an Operating System is not what most people can do. December 2008 was the first month that this blog has seen more Linux Readers than Windows Readers. If you look at the 281 visits from the world you will notice that only 1/3 are windows users. We have a lot of catching up to do in Canada. Most box stores still don't sell Linux pre-installed. Oh well, I will have to keep getting my computers from Dell or HP and keep on converting virus infected Windows computers over to Ubuntu Linux