Dec 31, 2008

2009 is the year of the Linux desktop

Now that the early adopters have switched over to Linux it is time for the mass market crowd to switch. Mind you--most people will not switch until Linux is all you can buy at the box stores. People are a lot like sheep and think they can not change the world. Reality is far different. In 2008 I talked 25 people into using Ubuntu as there main Operating System. I venture to say those 25 people will have a hard time changing back into supporting Microsoft again unless Windows 7 is a lot better than Vista was. In 2009 a reasonable goal for me should 100 (4 times the number of Ubuntu Newbies there was 2008). There are two main factors that enable me to make such a bold prediction. One, people won't be able to buy Windows XP in a couple of months and Vista doesn't run on netbooks very well (at least compared to Ubuntu) and two, people are becoming more stingy/sophisticated with their money and don't want spyware and crapware (trial programs) pre-install without asking for an extreme discount.

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