Jan 25, 2007

In hopes of getting a free Laptop from Microsoft, as others have done, I am going to review Microsoft's latest Operating System (OS) and how it compares to Linux. Hopefully the quality and quantity of my listeners will convince Microsoft that the Laptop bribe will help more people buy Vista before they go bankrupt. LOL

It has been 5 years since Microsoft Windows has upgraded their Operating System (Window XP to Vista). During that time many people saw the need for something better and started making alternative software. Some tried to add value to Microsoft by reporting bugs and by making programs that only ran if you had paid for Microsoft's Operating System. A few Companies tried to make their own Operating System but they couldn't get enough users for them to make other people's programs work on their OS and were eventually sued into oblivion. Then along came Linus Torvalds, he programed Linux just for fun and gave everyone who improved that program the option of giving their work away also. Over the last 3 years I have watched Linux become an Operating System that outperforms Windows, enabling people to get their work done easier and more comfortably. Everyone wants to be the equity owner and now you can own software. Microsoft EULA still makes you "rent" and being a landlord for the last 14 years I can understand the value in owning something. This article will tell you about the Operating System called Linux and how you also can enjoy its benefits.

Better Security
One of the main problems with Windows is that it is insecure. You put it on the Internet and you can bet by the end of the day you will have spyware or a virus installed. It is so bad that it has become a full time job for most IT guys like me. Sure, companies will take your money and sell you anti-spyware or anti-virus software; but why not just get rid of the holes in the program so hackers can't abuse the OS. With Linux I have yet to find a hacked computer. When there is a hole in a program (so someone could exploit the OS) it usually gets fixed within a few weeks. Why has Open Source software (Linux) become better than what one company (Microsoft) can produce? The basic concept is that if there are more people who are looking at something, if there are bugs to be found, then there are more people fixing them and finding better ways to do things.

It has the Best Software
This might be a little over the top because I have used some great Window's programs, but it all depends what you want to do. For me, the main program I use is Firefox (an Internet browser). Mozilla (the foundation that produces Firefox) makes it run in both Linux and Windows XP so there really is no difference here. For me the best program, which you can only get in Linux, is Clock, made by George Lebl and Gediminas Paulauskas. One click and it shows you which day of the month you are dealing with. Slick! My life revolves around the month.
A lot of people who use computer software want to use the "best" software or at least software they are use to using. Why? Time is important! People would be happy just to tell their robot to do it for them, but no, most information exchange requires humans for it to be important to humans. :) Other great programs: Open Office (Word Processor), Gimp (Draw & Photo Editing), GnuCash (Accounting) plus a lot of great games -- all these programs are free, only for the downloading.

It's Quicker
Linux has been running 64 bit programs for over 3 years now. Most people are used to Windows XP which is 32 bits, and only now Window's Vista will run at at 64 bits. Time is money.

Because I am a great believer in this Operating System, I would like to see others enjoy this wealth as well. If you are interested in learning more or interesting in converting your computer to this Operating System just Instant Message me - amendt@gmail.com and I will send you my online calendar so you can book your own appointment. Arthur Amendt