Jan 3, 2007

Am I too Pragmatic?

After recommending yesterday that this business should upgrade their computers to Window's Vista, I starting to question whether I should have installed Linux instead and hold their hand for a month or two, until they could run on their own. I do believe in Open Source software and the superiority of the General Public License over Proprietory Software. However, Linux cannot run some programs that were design for Windows 2000, so if someone is use to doing x and now there is a better way to do it with y, then someone has to hold their hand until they are comfortable with y. Hence, I have a job.
I am starting to specialize in Open Source program helps, but most peoples problems boil down to a bad Window XP Operating System. So, it is hard to help a lot of people specializing in just Open Source program help when there aren't a lot of problems to be found with Open Source programing. We all know bugs are in Windows and Linux, the difference I find is how open each Operating Systems is about the problem. Once you know the problem solutions are usually easy to find.

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  1. We all have to be pratical once in a while.