Oct 10, 2019

My history in Bitcoin

First Bitcoin Email
9 years ago today Doug and I where having a hard time understanding Paypal's role in our "current" monitary system. So, I mentioned the idea of Bitcoin to him. This (according to my gmail history --see image) was my first conversation with a friend about sending money over the internet. Paypal was already 10 years old and generating almost 1 billion every year. This is when Paypal decided to freeze money that was destined for Bitcoin. Now there are over 400 exchanges and every fiat currency can find a way into Bitcoin. In Canada yesterday, we had 86 million go in/out of btc/can, which is normal. See CBIX  What is so amazing to me, even though Paypal tried to stop Bitcoin, Bitcoin has now come out ahead.  Bitcoin is now worth 1/4 of a trillion dollars.

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