Feb 5, 2015

Views counts - G+ vs FB

Judy and I both updated to lollipop today.
When I upload a picture onto G+ it takes over a month until all my followers view them 1 time (maybe some people view it twice and others don't view it). If I post it on a Friday evening about 20% view it that night. If I post a link to my website only about 20% of my G+ followers ever click on that link.  This is still way better than FB where I might get 1 or 2 people who click on the link. Both sites realize that eyeball hours make them more profitable, but they go about getting those eyeballs in different ways. FB says (by their actions) we need to keep our advertisers happy and G+ says (by their actions) we need to help people find what they are searching for. For a company to be willing give up revenue to help others find the information they want to find says a lot about a company.  Even this blog could be posted directly on FB or G+ etc. but if I post it here than I am the guy who is making advertising revenue. I have tantalized my Google Plus people with photos of our trip so now when I post this they will be tempted to click the link. FB people don't seem to be tempted enough to click on the link because no one of there friends will get notified or is it because they want to give FB more than $10 per year. Now that more people are being connected via it is amazing G+ is still not placing any ads in the stream (news feed) so it does create a user friendly environment to view people's pictures and info they want to share.

The other thing that is very different between G+ and FB is in what they each share; if I circle a friend in FB every one of my other friends get notified if I add a friend in G+ none of my other friends get notified. Some people view G+ as a "ghost town" because of this. I say, I enjoy not being bombarded with useless info. Even the personal photo view count is not available on FB, but you do get a list of people who clicked on like. FB needs to share this total view count. If you follow the same number of people on both sites I would venture to say your total views would be greater on G+ because the pictures look so much better on G+.

I know I will only make $5 for this post but this is info that people need to know and I should pay my editor too. :) This is what I made 24 hours after the post -50 cents

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