Nov 22, 2013

500 people like me.

G+ followers graph
Wow! I am loved! There are 500 people who are somewhat interested in what I have to say. Everyday I get from 0 to 6 new followers (see chart). I know a lot of my post are technical so if some people could figure out how to uncircle me I wouldn't have such a following. :) I am starting to do more helpouts so hopefully we can help people learn how to manage they circles.
 Now that Google plus has over 2.5 billion accounts (every 3rd person) it is quite easy to find the people you want to hear from. Now getting those people to post some pictures or text on the internet is a little harder. It seems like Facebook has that trickery figured out better than G+. I added the images of some of the people who like me on the right of this blog. Enjoy! I know I am not that important. I only have 0.00002% of G+ers following me.

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