Apr 5, 2013

To Post or Not to Post -- that is the question.

Finding out if it is worth while posting is much easier on G+ than FB.  I gained 200 followers last year, but not every one  checks out my posts, only about 1/2 do. To prove this, I uploaded a picture of my quad being stuck in the snow and almost 200 people took a look at it, I have about 400 followers so that means that 200 didn't bother to click on the quad's image. I did get 3 pluses so 197 saw the image but didn't respond. So posting for me is about 1/2 as good as sending out an email.
The other thing that happened today on Google Plus was I lost a follower. I guess I could figure out who, but I need a before snapshot. I don't really know why someone doesn't want to be bothered reading my posts, but a least it is easy to do. On FB you can't tell how many people view my pictures only those who click like or comment. With Facebook having 25% more users I guess you could extrapolate, but I get so few hits coming to this blog from FB I think FB users are click sensitive. I am starting to be click sensitive also because some mouseovers take up the full page. Don't mouseover a Westjet image.
PS. Last month when I did my site:plus.google.com -inurl:about command it was 750 million now there are 800 million G+ users.