Jan 31, 2013

400 million active users and growing.

One year ago I posted that Google+ has 200 million active users, now there are 400 million active users. If I do the site:plus.google.com -inurl:about command I find there are 705 million people with a profile on Google plus.
I find these stats interesting because I want communication to be easy and open and like my new friend Ted Weir on Google+ says
I used to love Apple but now it's becoming a tech-ogre. My wife recently bought an iPad and she regrets doing so. It's a communications cage where they' limit access to other technologies The companies at the top almost always make this mistake. They try and control their customers, lock them in—own them
 -- finally someone that understands what I am trying to do; Make digital communication easier. By using technology from companies that don't adhere to share and share alike policies, people become subservient to the big companies and their lawyers. I am not one to concede my digital communication to Facebook (who now is making $15 per user per year) or Apple / Microsoft who don't let you edit their code without a non-competition clause in their Non disclosure agreement.

Google Plus is allowing us GNU users (people who care about others) to connect via real-time face-to-face meetings called Hangouts and Google is the only company that allows for data liberation and open Instant Messaging via their Jabber Federation.