Jun 12, 2012

Facebook's Security Alert Statement got me upset.

A lot of people do not see the long term consequences of lying or cheating. Most short term thinking occurs prior to our 19 birthday, but with some men it may take until they are 25 years old. I was surprised to see Facebook resort to lying yesterday in order to keep their users from switching to Google Plus.  Their error pop up (see image) shows that the link you clicked on will take you off of Facebook's site and you might never come back so they have to warn you not to leave. In reality Google+ is safer than Facebook because it doesn't display 3 party ads. I realize it is a fight for eyeballs between Facebook and Google, but lying about the other guy's products usually makes you loose. I think what happened is Facebook was loosing a lot of accounts so they turned off the "Security Alert". A mistake made by a young CEO. I sure hope the walled garden approach by Facebook doesn't work for them. 
The making of walled gardens is archaic. It didn't work for CompuServe and AOL so why will it work for Facebook?  We need an Open Internet. I think the winner will be the one who includes all that the Internet provides WD TVLive will beat Apple TV, Linux will beat Windows and Mac OS. You can see this already -- the #1 phone sold is Android based. The #1 encyclopedia is Wikipedia
You know what the worst part is ... they blamed their lie on someone else, namely Norton.