Mar 18, 2012

Google Plus is gaining 40 million new users per month

Is it time to dump Facebook and only use Google Plus? Personally, I have twice the followers on Google Plus than Facebook, but changing requires time and energy and are the benefits worth it. 2 months ago Google Plus had 186 million users now it has 266 million users (here), over 40 million new users per month or 21% monthly growth. Facebook has less than 1% per month growth.
I find it funny when people tell me "I can't leave Facebook because all my friends are there" when they don't have a Google Plus account. Maybe half of their friends are on Google plus and they don't even know who they are missing out on. I do find that with any social media it is a lot like reading the news -- if it is not in the feed you don't hear about it. I could go on about how much better the security is on Google Plus or how you still own your pictures / videos, but most people are convinced via fear so let me leave you with this last statement. If you don't join Google Plus now you will be left behind. :)