Mar 9, 2010

Ubuntu and Telus and Huawei --Internet

All three organizations want to do the same thing for people --help them use the Internet. So why is Telus's tech support being so hard headed? It is not a hard thing to connect the Huawei e182e USB stick that Telus sells to Ubuntu. You just plug it in and enter Telus's APN setting numbers which is or if you need to tether. The stick preforms decently at a speed 6 mbits/s and the ping rate was 42 msec. Huawei says the stick is capable of 21 Mb/s that is faster then the fastest ADSL connection (15Mb/s). for more info visit Ubuntu 10.04.1 and Ubuntu 10.10 have these settings built in.
So your setting screen should look like this.

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