Jan 19, 2010

Cheering for the Open Source Community!! We have almost won!

Well, we finally made it to LA to watch the LA Kings and the San Jose Sharks fight it out. Sports in a lot of ways brings out the best and worst in humans. The best because teams have to learn to help their team-mates and worst because they have to try to hurt the opposing team. The quality of the players are enhanced via the competition factor. Without M$ and Apple fighting with us Open Source advocateors we might become lackadaisical in our code. :
NOTE When you use
proprietary software, you
become a customer of the
company that is selling you its
product. When you use Open-
Source software you
automatically become part of a
community, whether you want
to or not. Allow me to boldly
suggest that you donate to the
Open-Source community. The
amount you donate is
irrelevant; the fact is that as
conscientious members of this
worldwide community we
ought to encourage Open-
Source growth.
I sometimes push people into using Firefox and Open Office before they are ready to make the switch to Open Source and before they realize why Open Source is better for the harmony of the world. Here in LA right now we see a police following a car to the impound lot and a beggar on the other corner. Force and rules don't always make people turn out better. Some beggars intentionally weave their way into traffic hoping to get noticed more thereby getting more monies and a better life. I have chosen, in twenty ten, to give people who use Ubuntu higher priority on my help scale because they can improve the world we live in easier. Go, GO you M$ and Apple lovers and help us Open Source people sharpen our skills.

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