Oct 27, 2009

Remote Desktop - Yuuguu vs Empathy

With Yuuguu releasing their 64 bit version of Remote Desktop, I thought I would give them a link to increase their page ranking on Google. So here is where you get the file. I havn't been having any remote desktop support issues with Empathy, but Empathy only runs on Open Source Kernels so Windows 7+/- and Leopard 10.5+/- are out of luck. This probably explains why I have been setting up a new Ubuntu 9.10 system daily. Ok maybe it because it is new and everybody wants to try it out--Not! Most people don't like change. Watch this movie if you don't believe me. Yuuguu works well if you you have to remote into a Windows 7+/- machine but I prefer Empathy. Empathy allows for talking as your helping the other person out. It even supports file transfer.


  1. You could have a look at RHUB http://www.rhubcom.com remote desktop, which in addition allows users to conduct web conferencing, remote access, Remote Support, and webinar, through a single appliance.

  2. Thanks Benzin
    But for the price of that appliance I can buy another Ubuntu Laptop and help another person experience the Internet and wikipedia wherever they take the Laptop.

  3. Can anyone recommend the top performing Software Deployment system for a small IT service company like mine? Does anyone use Kaseya.com or GFI.com? How do they compare to these guys I found recently: [url=http://www.n-able.com] N-able N-central service management
    [/url] ? What is your best take in cost vs performance among those three? I need a good advice please... Thanks in advance!

  4. I would recommend rhubcom over Kaseya and GFI, but Remote desktop help is one person helping another person do something, not one doctor helping 1000 patients. So if you can use the same software for phoning (via Jingle) as well Remote Desktop then the networking effect will be better and also with Empathy it is based on Open Source GPL License so you can take it home with you.